Cloth Wrapping

Cloth Wrapping

When I was growing up, my mom would have my siblings and I take turns helping her wrap Christmas gifts. I’d go into her room the week before Christmas and assist her in wrapping presents for my siblings, with my own gifts hidden away until I left the room. This was a chore so daunting my mom felt the need to enlist the help of her kids. To be clear, this is no judgement on my mom – we ALL have different things we enjoy. My mom did not enjoy wrapping gifts, but knew she had children who did. To me it wasn’t a task, but a joy. Seeing the festive prints together under the tree has always been worth the time spent cutting, folding and taping.


Fast forward to my own motherhood … my husband and I regularly watch Netflix Christmas movies at night while wrapping our girl’s gifts. I still love seeing the gifts wrapped up under the tree and the excitement of my girls guessing what might be inside. Now, though, we’ve transitioned from cutting & taping in favor of just folding. A few years ago, I bought a handful of Christmas prints from the fabric store and made my own cloth wrapping.


Cloth wrapping is a very forgiving craft. If you fold it wrong, just undo it and start over. If you give up and tie the gift like a garbage bag, just fluff out the ends and it’ll probably still turn out ok. Each year, the pile of fabric squares gets folded and knotted in various ways. If I’m being honest, some gifts look more polished than others, but the love is there and that’s really the point, isn’t it? As I’m wrapping my children’s gifts, instead of worrying about measuring the correct amount of paper to cut, I’m thinking about how much they’ll enjoy the item and how special they are to me.


Wrapped has a variety of prints to choose from, and will be working in the coming months to expand that variety – in both prints and cost points. If you want me to wrap for you – you’ve come to the right place. If you want me to teach you how – again, the right place. We’ll be offering workshops in the coming months with tips and tricks. If you have fabric you want made into wraps for you – just drop them off and I’ll make it happen.


Happy Wrapping!

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