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Tea Lattes | 5 Pack

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Tea, upgraded! Enjoy a Chai or Thai iced tea latte in minutes. Each box comes with 5 tea drops and 5 packets of Copper Cow Creamer.

Why We Love It:

Tea Drops are USDA Organic, made in the USA with Fair Trade Certified ingredients and owned by a woman. Oh, and they’re delicious.

Copper Cow Creamer is sweetened condensed milk from California cows


Chai Iced Tea: Milk, sugar, organic raw can sugar, organic black assam tea, organic vanilla extract (water, organic vanilla bean extractives), organic cardamom powder, organic cinnamon powder, organic root powder. CONTAINS MILK

Tha Iced Tea: Milk, sugar, organic raw can sugar, Thai tea (green tea, fd + c yellow no.6) CONTAINS MILK