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TheBlessedBarnCo - Cream of Anything

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Cream of Anything is a cream soup base used with fresh home dried ingredients! There are endless soups that can be made from a single product! Mushroom, celery, broccoli, potato, chicken etc. Once prepared you'll have a beautiful, rich, creamy soup to use in your hot dishes, potpies, pork chops, meatballs, soups and other delicious home cooked recipes. The freshly dried herbs are grown and processed right here on our farm and give more flavor and are a great healthy addition to your dish! We've also made this a gluten free so that more people can enjoy our product! Each bag contains 5 "cans" of soup powder or 2 1/2 C of dry mix. ~Only 80 cal. vs. store soups with over 300 cal. per can! ~No added sodium ~Gluten Free ~Only need to add water and butter/margarine ~Easy to make a split recipe and make only a half or 1/4 can if needed. ~Shelf life of 2 years! Directions: ~ 1/2 cup of cream soup mix ~1 1/4 cup of water ~1 T of butter or margarine. Thicken on stovetop or microwave.